Samantha Josephson was murdered by someone who she thought was her Uber driver. According to NBC News "The body of Samantha Josephson, 21, was found Friday hours after she was reported missing when she failed to return home from a night out with friends." Samantha had ordered an Uber and thought that her ride had shown up. She got into the backseat of what she thought was her ride. NBC News said that "Surveillance video showed Josephson entering a car around 2 a.m. Friday, police said. A suspect, Nathaniel D. Rowland, is in custody facing charges of kidnapping and murder." I can't imagine what Samantha went through minutes before she was murdered. My heart aches for her family and her friends who were with her that night. We have all been there where we get separated from our group and our goal is to just meet back up with the friends we started the night out with.

Ladies, SCREW POLITENESS. I used to feel like I had to be nice and ignore all those weird vibes I'd get from people. Stop. That. Crap. Ask questions. Who cares if you come off as rude. I know our graven image is a sweet and kind woman, but there are times when we need to just kick politeness out the door. My mom taught me that safety and paranoia go hand in hand. The next time you have to take a ride by yourself do the walk around on a car. Does that license place match up to the car and license plate on your Uber or Lyft App? Let the driver think and know you're one of those "paranoid" chicks. Ask them to tell you your name. Before you say I hate any kind of Uber or Lyft driver know that my boyfriend occasionally drives for Uber and Lyft on the weekends. I am constantly worried sick when he is out driving. I worry about his safety, I worry about everyone he drives around town. I wish he wasn't so polite after I hear some of his stories dealing with drunk jerks. His goal is to get them home safe, and I am happy he does. Luckily, there are still several good-hearted people out there. You were taught to never trust a stranger as a child, so why is that mentality changing now? From accepting drinks from a stranger at a bar to jumping in your Uber, screw politeness!

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