Let me take you back to January, I walked around the office and gave my co-workers dog treats, I passed it off as "energy bites" I filmed their reactions as I revealed they were actually my dog's treats. Months passed by and Ginger my co-worker found out I hate getting scared. Ginger has made it a mission, a successful one I might add, to scare the living daylights out of me. From making me watch "The Nun" trailers to dressing up like the Nun and ambushing me in the hallways. It was about time I got her back. So I thought why not convince her our station vehicle needed some "blinker fluid". With a fake coupon and all, we drove to AutoZone where the employees notified her there was no such thing as blinking fluid. Watch the video below!

Hopefully, this marks the end of a long drawn out battle in between us. I'll quit flinching as I walk down the hallways, and she can run company errands without wondering if the product she'd looking for actually exists.

Krystal Montez