What started off as a horrid and obscure idea ended up becoming our Valentine's Day plans. The men around here think we need to focus on men as much as they focus on women. We heard their cries, now, we make it happen for them. So we got a boombox that could blare Shania Twain's' "You're Still the One", a sign that said, "You're the Yee to my Haw" and a 6-pack of Dr.Thunder. Our mission was to make the men in the Ark-La-Tex feel the love with our Redneckgram. You can watch how it all went down on our Instagram page.

We had a lot of people saying "We wish this was true and not a joke." we had to document it to prove that we don't mess around when it comes to showing our men how much we love them! Ladies feel free to show us how you celebrated your man on Valentine's day in the comments below.

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