Let's be honest, we all need a break from the heat. The fact that I have Lee O's number from Service Experts saved on my phone in case of an AC emergency is a sign I am ready for fall. Today I woke up excited for the first day of Fall. Maybe I expected a miracle? Maybe I thought Mother Nature would get the memo and drop down to at least to 70 degrees. Well it's a high of 91 degrees in the South today. It is safe to say it's way too hot to call today the "First Day of Fall".

Krystal Montez

Today I realized that no matter what you try and do and say, you can't make fall come to you. You have to wait it out. Yes it's too hot to wear that cute outfit you have dreamed  about wearing. Hopefully we can have Fall type weather in time for Thanksgiving? Let's not hold our breath on that hope. Until then order an iced drink and hold off on scarves.