Gary & Bristol

Random Things to do in Shreveport-Bossier When You’re Bored
We get into some pretty random conversations at the radio station... most of them not even close to being politically correct. In fact, this is an updated take on something we originally came up with six years ago. Clearly, some things we just can't do anymore due to *ahem* coronavirus...
How Stingy Are We in the Ark-La-Tex?
A new national survey is out and it enumerates the least-sharable things in life. Some of the top answers include your underwear, your toothbrush, your razor, your bathroom and your passwords. So how does Shreveport-Bossier stack up when it comes to sharing? So we line up with the rest of the nation…
Bristol's Babies: Meet Lucy
Each week, Bristol's Babies shines the spotlight on adoptable pets right here in northwest Louisiana and with your help, we hope to eventually find them all homes!

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