Daily Distraction

Men, Your Day is Coming!
In the age-old battle of the sexes, we threw a match on the fire today. It's always fun to see the guys and gals battle it out for gender superiority!
Are You *Gasp* a Facebook Felon?
All too often we see our friends on Facebook announce, 'I'm back!' Have you ever been sent to Facebook jail or been put in time out? It's more common than you think, or maybe it's just my friends?
Let’s Talk Bras, Ladies!
After a recent conversation here at radio station offices, I'm curious ladies. How many bras do you own and how often do you wash them?
How Much Time Do You Really Spend on Your Cell Phone?
If the saying, 'time is money,' is true, then I'm in some serious trouble because I know I'm not always conducting business on my phone! I'm embarrassed to say, I spend darn near half of each day on my phone. Talk about wasting time AND money!

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