Louisiana Prepares for Tropical System
All eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico right now as forecasters try to predict if the system currently headed toward Louisiana will develop into a tropical storm or possible hurricane.
Bristol's Brain: Saharan Desert Dust
How wild is it that we have dust from the Sahara Desert settling over our area this week? It’s so bad that experts are saying that people with asthma and respiratory issues should stay inside because that’s all we need on top of the heat and pollen that Louisiana likes to dish up on a …
Stock Up on Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Weekend
The 2018 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Weekend for Texas is April 28-30 and for Louisiana it's on May 26- 27. Unfortunately the supplies listed above are items we would be in desperate need of should a horrid natural disaster happen to us. Please consider picking up a few items to add…

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