If you're needing to have a quick easy Cajun pasta ready for your family to enjoy during the football game, the Down Home Meats Pastalaya is perfect. I like to add some spicy chorizo to give it an extra spice factor. You can stick with the original Down Home Meats sausage or you can go HOT! I LOVE spicy, my boyfriend gets heartburn. So if he's going to be around I leave out the chorizo and use the regular sausage instead of Hot.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

To make the Pastalaya you will need:

1/2 lb Down Home Sausage (Hot or Original)

1 Chorizo Sausage (Only if you want it spicy)

1 lb Penne Pasta

2 Cups of Holy Cajun Trinity (Bell Peppers, Onion, and Celery)

1 15 oz can of Diced Tomatoes

3 Cloves of Minced Garlic

2 Cups of Chicken Broth

1 Cup of Water

3/4 tsp Paprika

1 tbsp Tony's Seasoning

1 tbsp Cracked Black Pepper

3 tbsp Half and Half

Watch the video above for the break down! It is super simple and your family will love it.Don't forget to add the half and half, it makes a huge difference!

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