If we are friends on Snapchat (Username: KrystalvPistol) you are probably well aware of my adventures with Li'l Bobby. Li'l Bobby also known as Robert J Wright has been one of my go-to guys whenever I need to find out about new places. I even go to the guy when I don't understand what's happening in the news. We try to go on an adventure once a week. Our adventures are NEVER good for my waistline. Li'l Bobby kept telling me about a really good barbecue place. Before I tell you about our adventure you need to know, I am in no way a good influence if you want to obtain your New Year New Me body. Stop reading now if you are following some kind of diet.

Krystal Montez

Li'l Bobby took me to Real BBQ and More. I have driven past the joint so many times, I instantly knew where the place was when he said the name. He asked if I wanted him to order for me and I said: "Sure order me the best thing on the menu". What came to the table was a loaded baked potato with cheese, brisket, barbeque sauce, and sour cream. I know it sounds simple, but I couldn't stop eating it. The owner's daughter made her way to our table after we both inhaled our meals and I was happy to see that the customer service was even better than the wonderful lunch we had. After my self-induced food coma I now know what the "And More" stands for, it's that loaded potato! Li'l Bobby is always taking me on adventures, keep in mind all of our adventures revolve around food. His only rule is NO PICTURES OF THE FOOD. Wierd right? I guess pictures of food freak him out. Where should we go next?