It's officially grill season. We can finally put stuff on the grill without sweating through our clothes. I am sure that many of us put our grill to good use during Labor Day Weekend. I went to a friend's house and grilled out for the long weekend and she brought out a utencil that made me gasp and reminded me of the danger of a wire brush.

Something that several master grillers know is the importance of keeping a clean grill. A dirty grill is a sad grill, but you need to be careful with the tools you use. A year ago there was a viral Facebook post that caught my attention and I felt it needed to be shared.

Emily Long shared on her Facebook page "Three years ago, I took ONE bite of a burger, and immediately felt like I had swallowed glass. I felt a sharp stabbing pain in the back of my throat. The more I swallowed, the more it dug. I started gagging and choking, throwing up, trying to drink water to "wash it down" and still the pain in the back of my throat wouldn't go away. With my son in the bathtub and my husband frantically trying to help, I decided I needed to take a trip to the ER. I could tell it wasn't going anywhere on its own. Once we finally got in, this was the culprit. A wire grill brush bristle was lodged across the back of my throat by both ends." 

Long had to go to the E.R. and now she wants to save everyone the fear and money. There are several different options that clean just as well as wire grill brush.

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