Today was the day, I was supposed to pass my Louisianian test. I have been living in Louisiana for over six months now and I thought for sure I had this test in the bag. Before you start judging me on these pronunciations lets agree that there is only one state where pronouncing words like this is acceptable. I would like to think that being bilingual would prepare me for a test like I received today unfortunately I was wrong. Easy words like jambalaya, and pecan made it into the test. I mean if it has to do with food count me in. It's safe to say I was ill prepared and failed miserably.

Can you pronounce theses words correctly? Tangipahoa, Ponchartrain, or Tchoupitoulas? If so give yourself 5 stars and you get to keep your Louisianian card for another year. I on the other hand will study and hope I get to pass the Louisianian test in another 6 months. Are there any words you would add to a test like this? Please tell us in the comments below!

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