I grew up in a home where we weren't allowed to participate in Halloween activities. Growing up my parents made me believe it was a holiday that was full of evil and celebrated Satan. Crazy right? Well guess what my childhood fears have never truly gone away. I can't watch scary movies because my heart can't take it. I refuse to die of a heart attack because my friends wanted to watch a movie full of demonic nuns. My co-worker Ginger knows I HATE scary movies and even more, that feeling of being scared. We once watched a trailer for that creepy movie "The Nun". Needless to say I didn't watch the movie. You can see my reaction below.

I Hate anything "scary" and that is why I hate Halloween. So when my co-worker Ginger decided to get a makeup artist on board and get dressed up as a scary nun. I wasn't ready for the heart rush, and the spike in my blood pressure. I will say, Ginger pulled it off like a champ. Someone in the office owes me a new pair of jeans. You can watch their prank AKA my borderline heart attack below.

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