Can you imagine being a drive-thru employee and have a customer just stop responding? What would you do? I imagine there are many customers who like to play pranks on employees, luckily for one man, Taco Bell employees didn't brush him off as a prankster and sprung into action quickly.

Michael Harris and his wife Leslie from Phoenix, Arizona were going through the Taco Bell drive-thru when Micahel all of a sudden quit responding to the Taco Bell Employee. Leslie Harrie told 12 News “It was very evident right away that something was not right,” Michael's wife claims that two employees heard her panicking and they didn't waste any time trying to help.

Luckily for Mr.Harris, he had a heart attack right across from a fire station. There was not a need for a trip across town,  two firefighters heard the call come in and they ran across the street to save him. It was no easy job, the firefighters had to use the defibrillator to shock Harris back to life, in fact, they did it twice. After they got his heart beating again, Harris was rushed to a hospital where he recovered for 7 days.

Shout out to Phoenix Fire Station 56 and the quick thinking of Captain Frank Keller and his partner firefighter Eric Gonzales. They are heroes who put their life-saving skills and running skills to work.


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