Operation Santa Claus has been helping bring the magic of Christmas to our community since 1984. Shreveport Police and Shreveport Fire team up with our radio stations to collect toys for boys and girls all over the Shreveport area.

This year has been a tough one for many, the pandemic has taken a toll on many families in the area, and now more than ever we need donations to help make Christmas happen for those struggling families in our community. Many companies and clubs collect money to donate to Operation Santa Claus. However, 5 Shreveport siblings decided to bake their little hearts out to be able to donate.

Amanda Dantin Marshall

Although Daxton (11), Rozilee (10), Paisleigh (5), Thatcher (2) and Tyldon (2) are all very young, they didn't hesitate to roll up their sleeves and roll out homemade sugar cookies. All the kids helped decorate sugar cookies and they even made a variety of other homemade items.

If you saw a bunch of kids hustling homemade goodies on Broadmoor and Pennsylvania Avenue this year, you were lucky enough to see these young hustlers in action. Their only mission was to help Santa make Christmas happen for their neighbors. After they sold out of delicious sugar cookies they went on a shopping spree to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx to "get the most bang for our buck for toys". Each kid picks out toys that they think kids their age would love all while staying within budget.

Chris Hamm and Amanda Marshall have blended their families. Since they got together, Amanda's kids have had extra hands on deck helping them bake, sell cookies, and purchase toys. It's basically their little operation that we are fortunate enough to witness.

This year the kids were able to sell over $673 worth of baked goods and they were even able to purchase 2 bicycles.

Amanda Dantin Marshall

Thank you to our Broadmoor neighborhood heroes Daxton, Rozilee, Paisleigh, Thatcher and Tyldon. We can't wait to see you guys again next year. Santa said you guys will stay on the Nice List for sure.

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