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Buzzfeed polled people about their hygiene habits and it turns out that some of us aren't living up to our full potential when it comes to cleanliness!

Personal hygiene has been front and center (obviously) due to the pandemic. Are you washing your hands enough and washing them correctly? Are you washing your face enough to avoid 'maskne?' Are you making sure to keep things around the house and other items that you come into contact with often wiped down and germ-free to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus? How about your breath? Is it nasty from wearing a mask every day? Are you making sure to brush your teeth and floss? Are you doing laundry regularly and changing your drawers on the daily? Please say you are!

Turns out not everyone believes that cleanliness is next to Godliness if you believe the results of the survey that Buzzfeed has released. In fact, we're not only lazy, but we're also pretty darn gross! Check out some of these daily personal hygiene rituals and find out how you stack up against the folks who were polled.

How Gross Are You?

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