Okay, maybe you have heard about my obsession with Chile Verde's Chicken Nachos. Of course, it couldn't be a local place that I crave throughout my pregnancy. I have received some good listener suggestions substitutes for my beloved nachos, but none has equaled the original.

Chile Verde Chicken Nachos


Steven took me to Monroe this past weekend for our anniversary, just so that I could indulge in this salty platter of heaven. He even took a photo so that I could share the nacho glory with you. They are just perfect with stewed down peppers mixed within the seasoned shredded chicken all on top of fresh crunchy chips and covered in white cheese, heavenly white cheese. Take a good look for me and please let me know if you see anything like this around town! Because driving to Monroe for nachos is a little bit crazy.


And if you are up for a road trip or are headed through the area plug it in to your GPS!

Chile Verde 3211 Sterlington Road, Monroe, LA 71203-2519 (318) 322-3135 ‎

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