When I was living in East Texas I could never understand why food trucks weren't popular. I realized the city I was living in had a department that was adamant about keeping food trucks out and avoiding them being able to get their permits. Luckily for that sweet sleepy little town several people have banded together to make food trucks a reality.

Luckily Shreveport and Bossier have so many food trucks the biggest difficulty is deciding which one you'll visit next. I will forever have a love for food trucks, my waist line is my form of being a walking testimony to the delicious food I eat on the regular. I was under the impression that food trucks in the area only really come out for events on the weekends. A co-worker of mine brought back some food and offered me some. Let me just say I didn't know fried crawfish tails were a thing, but oh my gosh my life is forever changed. She said "Yeah I got it down the street that food truck is parked outside of Rite Aide". Umm Excuse me? Since when are food trucks posting up for lunch in the Ark-La-Tex?

Help me out here, who do you run to see when you know they are posted up for lunch or dinner? If you had to pick the best food truck in the area who would you pick? Tag the truck in the comments below, let us know what you order!

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