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Today's just the first full day of Governor Edwards' "Shelter In Place" mandate and we're beginning to realize some of the inevitable things that are headed our way.

If you think finding toilet paper or hamburger meat was tough before, with everyone essentially "locked at home" for most of the hours we're not working, it could get even crazier.

With that sobering thought in mind, it occurred to us that the possibility exists that our favorite foods could be in short supply.  I mean, just how are the factories gonna be able to keep up with the increased demand for Pop Tarts and Bluebell?  Will there be a rash of "Oreo Hoarding?"  What if we had to eat nothing but those generic Nila Wafers?  I tremble at the thought.

We've already found that when things first got crazy, there were certain foods that apparently were completely unwanted.  Frozen pizzas with pineapples on them and Clam Chowder Soup were totally unscathed in the madness.

The thought occurred to us that the list of "Unwanteds" would be different for everyone.  Some might not have any problem woofing down a heaping helping of mountain oysters.  Others might actually enjoy a plate full of brussels sprouts.  But my radio partner, Bristol, says she's not having it.  Or lima beans or pickled pig feet.

On the other hand, I'm actually not a very picky eater.  I will pretty much go for anything.  Except snails.  Can't imagine ever eating escargo.  And there's no way I'd ever eat the eyes of anything.  In some countries they eat sheep eyes.  I'd eat a mattress at a Motel 6 before I'd ever go that route.

So help us out as we try to build the list.  Just fill in the blank for us.  "I don't care how bad it gets at the grocery store, I'm not eating BLANK."  Call us in the morning at 320-5477 or just message us on the Kiss Country App.

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