10 Gloriously Green St. Patrick’s Day Foods
Everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is the one day out of the year when we’re all Irish. And, apparently that translates into wearing anything green and silly we can get our hands on and having as much to drink as we can carry at one time. But, there’s another strange tradition that has developed …
The Best Chicken Nachos Ever!
Okay, maybe you have heard about my obsession with Chile Verde's Chicken Nachos. Of course, it couldn't be a local place that I crave throughout my pregnancy. I have received some good listener suggestions substitutes for my beloved nachos, but none has equaled the original.
New Food Ideas For Louisiana State Fair
Remember the first time you saw a "Fried Twinkie" at the State Fair?  Or a fried Snickers bar?  Seems like “Fair Food” has come a long way from the days of old with just funnel cakes, turkey legs and corn on the cob…though those are stil…