I have found myself wanting to order food more than ever. Most of the time I will just go and pick up my meal. I find myself craving the weirdest things. All of a sudden all I want to do is order food. I can imagine the folks at Waitr, Uber Eats, Doordash, and Postmates are all working overtime.

According to Uber Eats their business has shot up by over 30%. Have you wondered what everyone else around you is ordering? Turns out the most popular food to get delivered right now is french fries.

Some of the most popular foods being delivered according to Uber Eats is pad Thai, burritos, and crab rangoons, however, nothing comes close to the number of french fries being delivered.

The number one thing delivered in Louisiana is chips and queso meanwhile, Texas had a hankering for some Pad Thai. Check out the complete list of the most popular foods ordered online by clicking here.


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