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If you are a little down because kids are going to get so much candy this weekend, and you (the adult, who's doing all the work driving from place to place so your kid and get said candy) will have to wait until the end of the night to excise the Dad/Mom tax - I've got awesome news for you!  Lots of restaurants across the Ark-La-Tex have a treat in mind for you too!

It's no secret that eateries love throwing out deals on the one day of the year they can be pretty sure you'd rather not cook.  So if your plans involve everything except being in the kitchen, we've got you covered!  Below you'll find the best food deals we could scare up for Halloween night!

Delish put together an awesome list of deals across the country, but I have further refined this list by weeding out the restaurants we don't have in the Ark-La-Tex.  Bon(e) Appétit! 

Scary Good ArkLaTex Halloween Food Deals

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