This dish is so comforting, you'll want to snuggle up with it on the couch.

Comfort food is just that, comfort. It's food that tends to be decadent, but mostly it transports us to where were are most comfortable. These dishes are a taste of home and can chase away sadness or feelings of loneliness. A big comfort dish for me is chicken and dumplings. My mom would make this and I find myself craving it anytime I'm feeling like I'm in a funk or on a cold winter day.

Do you have a comfort food?

You may share that particular dish with the rest of the state. Reader's Digest created "Your Guide to the Best American Comfort Food in All 50 States" to highlight the dishes around the country that feel like a big ole hug. Some dishes are warm and savory like Idaho's "hearty potato soup", while others are cold and sweet like Florida's "key lime pie."

No surprises here for Louisiana. It's gumbo all day. Rice, hearty veggies and proteins like shrimp, chicken and sausage. How could you go wrong? Not to mention the broth that we just want to bathe in on a cold night.

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