Again today, because of the donations YOU made to Flood Me With Love, we were able to provide a local family with much needed relief after the Flood of 2016.

Today's recipients were Sherri and Andrew Ayres and the nomination we received from Sherri's daughter, Tiffany, was all it took to assure that Flood Me With Love would help.

My mom and step-dad lived in stonewall, la. The flood came so fast that they only had time to get a few things and get out. When they went back that day at around 2:00 pm to try and get some of the important things, there was already a 2 and 1/2 feet water in the house. They grabbed clothes, pictures and some of the groceries that they had just bought and then left. They could not get back in for a week and we rented them a place to stay as the house is unlivable. They had over 5 feet and 6 inches of water inside their home. My mom has seizures and step-dad just recently had a stroke. they help anyone and everyone they can. Even though she is the one in need, she would offer what she has. She struggled to raise us kids alone with help of my grandparents and was always there for us. I just want to try and give some of that help back.


It's people like Sherri and Andrew Ayres that we've been so blessed to help out thanks to Home Federal Bank and all the donations you've made for the past month.

Thank you again and see for yourself just how appreciated your gift was when we spoke with Sherri.

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