During the Flood of 2016 we saw a lot of "bads."   We saw the bad side of Mother Nature and we saw plenty of the bad side of humanity with thieves stealing from flooded homes.

But we also saw the great side of humanity.  We saw people like Gerald Bamburg, who, in spite of watching the destruction to his own home and property, continued to care for others.

And it was his own neighbor, Tiffany Douglas, who nominated Gerald and his wife to receive funds that you donated to Flood Me With Love.

I'm so proud to have the Bamburgs as my neighbors and friends. You see, they are both deaf, and during the flood they never left their home! They stuck it out unlike the rest of us. Why? They watched out for their belongings and ours as well. Once we were able to come back home, we shared our jon boat to get from the door to the street where our cars were parked. My husband had to go out of town for work and for two days, Mr. Gerald was at my door at 6am waiting in the boat to paddle me to my car! He and my husband had made preparations to take care of me while he was gone. Gerald was so happy to help!

His home, his truck, and his yard equipment is all he has. Sadly a lot of their yard equipment in his shop was ruined. Flood insurance didn't cover the damages. He enjoys during yard work, it's his passion, his livelihood, and if anyone in this world deserves any help at all its this man! He's unselfish, caring, hardworking, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He may be deaf, but he's got eyes and sees all things around us and if something looks wrong he stops it. I asked him candidly on a piece of paper if he needed any assistance with food stamps, not sure if he knew of the state offering this to flood victims and he was quick to shake his head NOOO!!!! He is so full of pride and is just an honest soul. What an honor and privilege to have such a man as my neighbor and I'm blessed to call him my friend.

Mr. Gerald Bamburg, it's men like you that Flood Me With Love was created for and we're tickled to provide you with a check for $1,500 to help get back on your feet.

Because we were unable to speak with Gerald on the phone, we called Tiffany to let her know that her nomination had touched our hearts.

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