For the past several weeks, Kiss Country has been collecting money for local flood victims with the "Flood Me With Love" campaign, and today we began giving out these funds.

Our first recipient of those funds, in the amount of $1,000, was JoAnn McComic of Keithville.

In her nomination letter we received from her son Greg, our hearts were melted.

JoAnn McComic, a compassionate and caring individual is no stranger to tragedy. In 1991, JoAnn and her husband were amongst the flood victims in South Shreveport and together they dealt with the impact mother nature caused. A couple of years ago, JoAnn lost her soul mate and has worked part-time to supplement her fixed income at age 70. Earlier this month, Mrs. McComic’s home was filed with 3 to 4 feet of water. This time she lost everything…photos, furniture, appliances, etc., and the insurance adjuster may condemn their family home. Being a flood victim once in a life-time is tragic…having to experience it twice as a widower fighting to survive is unimaginable. JoAnn McComic needs financial support and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please help her life story have a happy ending.

When we contacted JoAnn to let her know she'd be receiving these funds, it was obvious just how moved she was by the generosity of Kiss Country's fans.  Then immediately after her interview aired, we got an anonymous phone call that made both of us tear up. A caller said that he would MATCH the $1,000 that Flood Me With Love was giving Mrs. McComic, so she would now receive $2,000.  Just proves that there are more good people here in our neck of the woods than is most every other place combined!

Check out the phone call we made to JoAnn below.  And don't forget, we'll do this every morning this week!

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