It was said a long time ago by someone much smarter than me that, "to have a friend, be a friend."  And it's painfully obvious to us that David and Vanessa Langley of Oil City are the kind of people LOTS of people call "friend."

You can't imagine the sheer volume of nominations we received for this couple to receive funding from Flood Me With Love to help get this couple back on their feet after the Flood of 2016.  Nomination letters saying things like:

They are christian people with a heart of gold. I go to church with them. They are willing to help anyone that needs the help and now they need our help.


They lost their home salvage some belongings,but their home is ruined.They will tell you through all of this they are trusting God to go on with them, It's truly amazing .their attitude through this is amazing


They are giving/serving others Christian people and their small home was a total lost. They cannot live in it. What part of their home that was not damaged by water (over 2 1/2 ft or more for several weeks) was damaged by mold. The floor falls in when you step on it. They have been out helping others clean up their homes/yards.


They were living in a tent on the property and taking a boat back and forth to come and go from the property for 2 weeks until a church family invited them to stay in their home. They are still homeless and need help and support.

And we've got dozens of other letters for this couple saying the same thing.  Just "salt of the Earth" people and it's our pleasure, as the caretakers of the money YOU donated to Flood Me With Love, to present David and Vanessa Langley with a check for $1,500 to help get them back on their feet.

Just listen to Vanessa's reaction when I gave her the good news this morning:

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