The stream of people escaping the wrath of Hurricane Harvey has been significant to say the least.  When it comes time to run for your life, it can be easy to lose track of your people.  That's one of the scariest aspects of a disaster of this magnitude. Thankfully, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services has a plan to reunite families that may be split up across state lines.

State shelters set up in Alexandria and here in Shreveport have been taking in a fairly large number of people seeking shelter from the horrific effects of the storm.  Both of these shelters have cellphones and charging stations so that folks can reach out to their families.  They've also set up another way to see if your displaced loved ones are in the shelter.  The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services have set up 2 numbers - (225) 615-0086 and (225) 615-0258 to help you find out if your loved ones are in the shelter.  Provide the name, address and date of birth, if known of the person you are searching for.  If that person is in the shelter, they will facilitate the reunion.

If you or someone you know is taking refuge in the area - you can take advantage of the American Red Cross's Safe and Well online service to let your loved ones know you are ok.  You can also check to see if your family and friends have checked in as safe.

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