One of the worst things that could happen to a dog owner, is for their furry friend to go missing.  I have had to bury a few dogs in my lifetime and, while that is a pain I don't wish on anyone - the only thing worse is not knowing what happened to your puppy.  I have had that happen as well.  A few years back, I came home and noticed that my 5 year old long-haired miniature dachshund, Fudge, was gone.  We printed flyers, visited every house, local business, and shelter within 100 miles - but we never saw him again.  It broke my heart thinking that he might be stuck in a shelter somewhere.

A shelter in Texas has found a way to reduce that kind of heartbreak using technology originally designed to catch terrorists.  WVLT in Austin is reporting that the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter has employed a groundbreaking new system called Finding Rover.  The system uses facial recognition software to help troubled puppy parents find their long lost pooches by matching the furry faces up.  Each dog brought to the shelter has their portrait taken and fed into a machine that maps facial features.  When the dog mom or dad comes to the shelter looking for their pet, a photo can be scanned and the search for a match begins.  In theory, the website and corresponding app can connect shelters around the country with desperate owners - and reunite these furry families faster than ever before!

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