When I read that Kiss Country was taking votes on who was the real redneck in the group I had to do some research. Clearly there are a lot of inconsistencies with peoples claims to their redneck pride. I went ahead and interviewed the people closest to Gary, Bristol, and Carter. The results were shocking. Watch the video below, and you be the judge.

Some people will swear this is fake news, but has anyone personally seen Gary, Bristol or Carter do the things that make them a so called a redneck? Krystal Montez, the real American hero, not scared to call out the yuppies, or the posers. If you have any proof regarding Gary, Carter, or Bristol's redneck authenticity please feel free to send the evidence in.

As for you, just in case you need any REAL facts or proof that Krystal is in fact a Legit Redneck, see the video below. It's Redneck story time, listen up buttercup.

Vote for Krystal!

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