In early August many people at Boothill Speedway saw one of the craziest crashes in Boothill Speedway history. #81 also known as the Kiss Country car caught air in the scariest of ways. You can see the video of the scary accident below.

Ricky Ingalls who is a racing veteran was lucky enough to walk away uninjured. There was a lot on the line at Boothill Speedway on that Saturday night. The "King Of The Hill" Factory Stock race had a big $10,000 payout. The Kiss Country race car was well on it's way to getting that big payout, but that car accident was a huge set back not just on race day.

Unfortunately for race car #81 owned by Joe Best, they had to go back to the shop and start from the ground up. With a completely totaled race car the crew has had to work around the clock to get ready for their big race at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend. #81 finished 5th at their Texas Motor Speedway debut!

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