I think it's fair to say Gary McCoy has a little redneck in him... But what about the rest of the staff? Tell us who you think is Kiss Country's biggest redneck!

Sure, we all know Gary McCoy is a good ol' boy. He enjoys hunting, fishing and he's a Blanchard boy through and through. But does that make him the most redneck staff member on Kiss Country? I think not! He's too pretty to be a true redneck. In fact, my own husband personally witnessed Gary on a tractor mowing the lawn in short shorts and a neon colored tank top. Heck, at this point I'm not just questioning his redneck status, I'm thinking about revoking his man card!

Not to be out 'rednecked', I, Bristol, am a Haughton girl.I live on a farm with horses, too many dogs to count, cats, a hen and even two mini donkeys! I learned to drive on a tractor and I'm not afraid of drinking straight out of a water hose AT THE  BARN! I'm a champion stall cleaner and believe that pretty much anything can be fixed with hay twine and duct tape. Top that!

As for Carter who does the 10am-3pm show... He has a 'man bun.' I'm pretty sure that says enough. However, he does have a Duck Dynasty style beard, but I think that's offset by the fact that he never rode a 4-wheeler until he joined the team!

Where to start with Krystal Montez? She's the hostess of afternoons 3-7pm on Kiss Country and she's a HUGE country music fan. She can make a meal out of just about anything and I'm pretty sure I saw her dippin' the other day...

As far as I'm concerned, Sam Alex is too city to be in the running. While we love Alex, he has to live in Nashville to host our Taste of Country night show and I doubt his boots have come in contact with a cow patty... ever!

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