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They say every good redneck has a ready supply of duct tape, hay twine, and ingenuity. I'm here to tell you, at my place, we're all fabulous rednecks!

We've all seen that car driving down the road with its bumper tied up with twine, windows covered with plastic and duck tape. That is what we call redneck ingenuity. The ability to solve a problem using simple tools on a budget. Over the years I've told you great stories of redneckedness. Like the one where my friend Haley's husband shot branches around their satellite dish until it was realigned. Then there's the story of my friend Liz's ex-husband making her a birthday cake. She walked in on him literally using a drill to mix the cake batter. Apparently, hand mixers are hard to use.

Now, you might think I'm making fun of these guys and I'm not. We've all come up with our own redneck inventions. Just this morning, a little after 4 am, as I'm driving down my lane, I encountered Rio, one of my friend Chelsea's horses, looking pretty pleased with himself. It appears he made his own way through the paddock fence to help himself to the fresh spring clover. But here's the thing, I didn't have a rope or a halter on me, I was in flip-flops, and it was so dark, I couldn't see where he got out anyway. He was happy and healthy so I decided to let him have his adventure and call his momma at daylight so she could put him back up. Thankfully, the farm is gated so there was no danger of him getting out on the road.

When momma Chelsea made her way to the farm this morning to feed, Rio was back in his pen, which left Chelsea doubting my sanity. But then she saw it... His exit point! That's when she used her ready supply of hay twine in the back of her jacked-up Ford F-250 and got to mending fence. Granted, it's just a patch job, but it works;) How's that for redneck ingenuity? You better redneckinize!


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