We've all been there... mindless work in inclement weather. Make it fun, redneck style!

Maybe it's because I'm one of those 'creative types,' maybe it's because I'm pretty much crazy, but I always find my mind wandering... especially now that I'm actively trying to practice mindfulness.

Either way, because of the insane amount of rain we're getting, our horses are all being kept in and that means their stalls need cleaning... often! So, while they're nice and dry, we're shoveling manure and trudging through the rain with wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow to the muck pile.

On one of my many trips to dump my wheelbarrow this afternoon, I noticed that the water was making some pretty interesting designs in the mud. Almost like clouds in the sky, but a lot dirtier!

What do you see in the mud? I saw Stretch Armstrong and the Punisher, maybe even a skull. Do you see it or am I absolutely nuts?

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