As the storms began rolling through northwest Louisiana, it was a bad time to be on the roads.

I found that out firsthand as I was heading home from work via I-20 last evening. The rain was so heavy, drivers could barely see a foot in front of their cars. I had to slow down to about 40 miles per hour, sometimes slower, just to make sure I didn't hydroplane and skid into another vehicle.

Electronic signs on the side of the interstate notified motorists that the middle lane was blocked near the Red River Bridge headed eastbound. I never saw what the actual problem was. It could have been an accident, or it could have been the extreme amount of traffic on the roadway. Either way, it took me more than an hour to get to Fitness Lady in Bossier, where my mom and daughter were waiting for me.

The issue on I-20 was just the beginning, though. As I got to Old Minden Road, Bossier City police were blocking the street in front of Circle K because of extremely high water there. I turned around and looked for a safer route. I had to carefully find a way around another area of high water on the other end of Old Minden before I finally made it to the gym.

It was a frightening time, but I finally made it home somewhere around 6:30 p.m. Other motorists were not so lucky. Many had to be rescued when they attempted to drive through the high water.

The storms aren't over for us yet. We'll be keeping you update throughout the day on the latest developments.

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