Earth Under Solar Storm Watch
The Space Weather Prediction Center (yes, that's a real thing) has issued a Geomagnetic Storm Watch for the planet that will remain in effect through tomorrow due to the G3 level solar storm.
So, What IS It With the Weather?
This time last year, daylight ambient temperatures were in the low triple digits: 105 to 108 degrees. Heat indices in the teens! So, what IS it with the weather, now? Yeah, it’s still hot, but not AS hot. And it’s been WET, too! This is July in the Ark-La-Tex...
Baby Born During Tornado Saves Family
If Aiden Praiswater had decided to come into this world a little bit later it could have been disastrous for his entire family. But, thank the Lord that at the exact moment a tornado was ripping apart the Praiswater home, the family was at the hospital where Aiden's mom, Angela, was in labor.