We humans are a strange breed indeed. It is truly as if the cosmic bakers did take us out of the oven a little too early and that's why we are the way we are. You've probably heard many times about how subliminal things that others see and hear about us and around us have an affect on how they feel about us. Here are some unique observations that were determined to go hand in hand with our personal looks and basic personality that make others want to like us more.

People Like It When You Owe Them Something : Besides money people do like it when you're in debt to them. The debt I speak of is in the form of a favor. If you ask a person to do you a favor and remember, this is important, to say thank you when the favor has been done, people tend to like you better. It's called the Ben Franklin effect. It's a real thing and it doesn't matter the favor, in fact the smaller the better.

Stylish And Brand Name Clothing Means A Lot:  It's not so much about being trendy as it is about trust. People tend to trust people who have clothes that feature a prominent brand label. It doesn't have to be an expensive brand either. You just need a logo or a name or a tag and that motivates people to be more accepting of you.

What Do Your Friends Look Like: This goes along the lines of the old saying "birds of a feather flock together". If you're friends are good looking then you will most likely be perceived to be attractive as well. Even if you're uglier than homemade sin, the fact that attractive people like you sends a message that you are worth getting to know. We humans are so superficial.

You've Embarrassed Yourself in Public: Most people don't want to be you but they do want to empathize with you. If you've made a public faux pas and been able to laugh at yourself in the process this is very disarming. It also gives others a reason to speak to you and be on your side. Another aspect is that if you get embarrassed easily then chances are you  don't like embarrassing situations so you're nice most of the time.

These facts and a few others were compiled and discussed more in depth on the website Cracked.com. It seems to me if you accidentally spilled punch on your brand name jacket while talking to a supermodel and then asked a stranger to get you a napkin you'd be the most popular person on the planet. Or, you could just win the lottery.


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