The calming effects of music have been documented by science through the years. There is something about a soothing beat or melody that has physiological effects on our mental and physical state of being. Other animals are not immune to beneficial effects of music either.

Dairy farmers have found that cows often produce more milk when certain musical selections are played. The same can be said for chicken farmers except milk production doesn't increase, it's egg production that increases. 

Now comes word that there is music specially designed to put one of nature's most finicky and unpredictable animals at ease. That's right there is now music for cats.

Scientist have created music based on the natural vocalization and purring of cats to produce sounds that appear to soothe the sometimes frenzied nature of these animals. In tests involving music that humans preferred the subject group of cats went about their business. However, when the music specially created for cats was played many of the animals actually approached and rubbed up against the speakers.

The creators of the cat-centric tunes believe their creations could be very effective when played in veterinarians offices or in animal shelters. This might ease some of the anxiety of the animals being housed or treated in these facilities.

If you'd like to purchase your own special cat music you can find that for sale at the website. 

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