We've seen a lot of new dating trends pop up this year.  Cushioning, Hater Daterfeeldco (the dating app for co-workers), and other new dating styles and apps have made me happier than ever that I am married.  I couldn't imagine trying to navigate the landmines scattered across today's dating field.  The latest trend may be the worst yet!

"Love Bombing," is the latest pitfall for a single looking to mingle - and it is devious!  I have seen this in the wild, and it is not cool.  When you are dating someone new, you should be looking for an insight to who that person really is.  This is the stage where you determine if you are into someone or nah.  It's also the crucial time you look for the red flags that signify the person you are with is no good for you.  Love Bombing confuses your senses, so that you are blind to many of the early indicators you are dating someone horrible.  This dangerous phenomenon occurs when one party overwhelms the other with affection, attention, gifts, and other signs of extreme infatuation.  This bombing can overwhelm the senses and cause a person to completely miss or ignore warning signs.

Dr. Dale Archer says in this article on Psychology Today, this tactic is very similar to the one used by cult leaders to recruit new members.  The enthralling, charismatic side of someone can draw you in so far to a manipulative relationship - you can find yourself faced with someone who "doesn't act like themselves" more and more often.  This can mean that the person you fell for was a show, and the surprising new characteristics are the real person you are dealing with.

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