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In the Shreveport-Bossier City area, we pride ourselves on our southern hospitality and it turns out that we expect to be treated with that same kind of courtesy and respect when we're searching for 'the one.' And when you think about it, it really does make sense. When you're basically interviewing to be someone's life partner, you better act like your momma raised you right! It's kind of funny that we really did learn life's most important lessons in kindergarten.

Wikipedia describes the Golden Rule as 'the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated.'

The reason why I bring this up is that it was a trending topic on Reddit and since I'm single, it caught my attention. So I decided to do some research and find out what could make a perfect 10 turn into a 5 instantly. The overwhelming response was that if the person they were dating displayed rude or unkind behavior in any way, they'd hit the road. One of the most frequent examples given was a date being rude to servers at restaurants. Tommi Johnson expanded on that theme adding, 'When they appear to be an all-around good person, then you see how they treat someone in the service industry or someone in need. No thank you! I also pay attention to how they treat the homeless/needy.' I'd like to add that treating children and the elderly well is a must. Several others added to that saying if their date didn't get along well with their fur babies or like animals in general, they'd be out as well. In short, treat others well... like YOU would like to be treated. It's that easy.

Insisting that your maybe mate treats others well makes sense to me. After all, you want to know what's in their heart before potentially joining your lives together. While everyone I spoke to pretty much agreed that the 'Golden Rule' was still 'golden' when it comes to dating, Paige Hewlett made another great point saying, 'When someone starts bashing or disrespecting a religion or culture that is not their own that they know absolutely nothing about. I'm sorry, but bye you small-minded life form.' She's not wrong and I think we can all agree that ignorance and intolerance are never attractive.

Food for thought, eh? Some of the more humorous responses included hitting the road if the other person drank Bud Light, used tobacco products, chewed loudly, didn't like cats, couldn't hold their liquor, was a bad speller, gossiped, voted for the wrong person, had bad breath, made unkind observations, or was a name-dropper.

Take note and take heart, my single friends. It seems as if we're all looking for someone with a good heart, whom we can respect!

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