My therapist says normal is a setting on a washing machine. They always shy away from using that term when discussing me. However, normal might just be a great description of you. If you've ever wondered if you're "Normal" ? Answer these six questions and depending upon how you answer you will at least get a snap shot of yourself as defined by modern society. Are you ready?


  • Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

    Is The Weight Listed On Your Driver's License Accurate?

    I have yet to meet anyone who actually has the correct weight on their license. That is unless they recently had a really bad case of stomach flu and Zika Virus. However most of us feel the picture leaves nothing to the imagination so we try to tell the truth. If you didn't lie about your weight on your license then you would be the normal one.

  • Catherine Yeulet, ThinkStock
    Catherine Yeulet, ThinkStock

    Married? Are You Still In Love With Your Spouse?

    If you're not really head over heels with the one you said you'd love forever then you match about two-thirds of those who responded to this survey. Sadly only one-third of respondents said they were still in love, like real love, with their spouse. Maybe a date night, black underwear, and a bottle of cheap wine would help. Ladies, you could probably do something too.

  • Jemal Countess/Getty Images
    Jemal Countess/Getty Images

    Has Your Significant Other Never Seen You Nude?

    According to those who answered the survey only two out of twenty eight people said they have never been totally naked in the presence of their significant other. I find that mind boggling. In this day and age of the internet I would imagine more of us have been naked or at least  partially naked in front of more strangers than a female guest on former Governor Edwin Edwards helicopter, allegedly.

  • Staff Photo
    Staff Photo

    How Often Do You Pick Your Nose?

    Don't lie about this. We all pick our noses but how often is the factor we are looking for in the answer to the question. If you went with everyday or all the time or right now then you are normal. If you said you never pick your nose then you also have trouble telling the truth. By the way if you answered this question by saying only at funerals my therapist could probably help you too.

  • Staff Photo
    Staff Photo

    For Women Only- How Many Hours A Week Does Your Man Spend Watching Football?

    If you answered longer than the early bird sale at Macy's but not quite as long as Clinique Bonus Days at Dillards then you have a shopping problem. If you answered none. Then believe it or not you have a normal man and a normal relationship. The very close second to that answer was three to six hours a week of football watching. So they must have actually surveyed some people in Louisiana too.

  • Adam Berry, Getty Images
    Adam Berry, Getty Images

    Have You Ever Looked Up An Ex Online?

    Some of us choose to let the past stay the past and since our spouses know how to check browsing history we cant' chance the search. Others, about 60% of people, will search for an ex online. It might just be a passing Facebook Search or one of those where do sex offenders live searches but they still search for those former flames.

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