Most of us that are in a consensual relationship or owners of large dogs have a designated side of the bed we sleep on. It doesn't matter whether we are tucked away in our bed at home or travelling. We sleep on the side of the bed we sleep on. That's a fact.

In fact, there is often a real problem that can develop in a new relationship when both people prefer a particular side of the bed.

The reasoning that most of us choose to sleep where we sleep comes from deep within our psyche. Most people that have a preference on what side of they bed they sleep on say that being able to see the bedroom door has a lot do with their level of comfort.

However, we don't want to be close to the bedroom door. Most participants in a survey about what side of the bed they sleep on suggested that being away from the door but still being able to see the door was the best possible scenario. These people see themselves as protectors. See if this reasoning doesn't apply to the male in your relationship.

Other reasons for the reason we choose our side of the bed are the need to get out of bed or into bed quietly. This applies to early morning disc jockeys a lot. There are also reasons based on parenting and bladder control. Others might not like sleeping next to the wall because it makes them feel claustrophobic.

Many people choose to sleep on the side of the bed that puts their dominant hand in the middle of the bed. This is again based on protection. I guess we feel we can get in a better punch from the middle of the bed as opposed to flailing blindly with that weak hand we use to carry our keys.

Temperature also has a lot to do with who sleeps where. If there is a vent that allows more airflow over one side of the bed versus the other side. Most of us will choose the side that allows us to sleep warmer. Sure, we like the cool but we don't like a cold draft.

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