It seems like a very simple concept. That concept is to be grateful for your current situation. That simple act of confessing that you are peace with the world around you and content in life can pay big dividends for you.

We all like being around people who are grateful. They are the ones that have  a positive outlook, the better idea, and the drive to succeed. This leads us to question which came first? Was it all of the above that made them grateful or did the attitude of gratitude create the attributes?

Scientists believe that the act of being grateful or as my Mom would say, "counting your blessings" does has a major impact on our physical as well as emotional health. It has been confirmed that being grateful lowers your blood pressure and strengthens your immune system.

The attitude of gratitude also enlightens our mental well being too. Those who believe they have a grateful approach to life enjoy more happiness and claim to feel more satisfied with their current situation.  They also claim to have more energy and report fewer physical maladies and aches and pains.

Seems to me with that kind of a track record. we'd all be a lot better off if we took more than one day a year to thankful.

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