A bank robber in London foiled his own robbery by handing the teller his own gun.

The unidentified man entered the bank last October with a pair of sunglasses and a flat cap covering his head. He demanded 700,000 pounds from the teller while brandishing a firearm.

He was supposed to hand a bag to the cashier to fill it up with his loot, but he accidentally handed the gun to her instead. The bank’s staff activated the alarm and closed the security shutters, but the elusive robber made it out of the bank just in time.

Police are looking for the clueless thief, and the bank has offered a reward for information leading to his capture. Police recently released the bank’s security camera footage in the hopes of obtaining the man’s identity from the public.

While armed and dangerous, he can presumably be easily disarmed with the words “please” and “thank you.”

[Shortlist, via Fark]

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