I can only imagine how the phone calls from a number of vehicle owners went last week.

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"Hello Jake from State Farm, put your khakis on, I'm going to need to make a claim and you're not going to believe why. A New Orleans Police Officer was drunk and hit my car. No, really."

WAFB has reported that Officer Denzel Millon of the New Orleans Police Department's Traffic Division was arrested last Thursday, July 28, around 4:00 am on charges that he was driving while intoxicated.

Oh, But Wait, There's More To This Story

Add to that the caveat that the officer was actually on duty at the time and it is alleged that he smashed his police cruiser into a number of vehicles during his melee.

It's reported that the incident took place near the intersection of South Peters and St. Joseph streets in the Warehouse District and that Millon's blood alcohol limit was over twice the legal limit when the incident occurred.

Officer Millon Submitted To A Breathalyzer Test And It Looks Bad

Sources say that Millon did indeed, submit to a breathalyzer test and that his blood alcohol content registered .186, which is more than twice the legal limit of .08 to operate a motor vehicle in Louisiana.  (One would hope that the "legal limit" for alcohol use while on duty as a Police Officer would be a .000)

In WAFB's story we see that NOPD has responded to the officer's arrest, stating:

Supt. Shaun Ferguson publicly acknowledged Millon’s arrest for the first time during a press conference on other matters Wednesday at NOPD headquarters.

“As is standard procedure, he’s reassigned, pending further investigation,” Ferguson said. “He was arrested, he has his right to due process, but he will be reassigned pending this investigation.”

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