Let's hope that people are only buying these as props for Halloween or some type of theater production, but who knows.

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Not far from Shreveport in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, you can buy a used casket. Yeah, that sounds as weird as buying used underwear.  And, to me, this is one of those times where I'm thinking that saving money isn't a real motivator.

Salvage World Facebook Page
Salvage World Facebook Page

That old car dealership cliche comes to mind. "You make the drive, and they'll make the deal." Nope! Unless old Uncle Fred was really cheap and he would appreciate you getting a good deal on his final resting place, this just doesn't feel right.

Who Would Do This?

Salvage World in Hattiesburg has taken to their Facebook page to announce they're selling creepy coffins, caskets, pine boxes and metal vaults at very spooky good deals.

Salvage World even lists the prices: (which sound extremely reasonable)

  • Caskets $295
  • Wooden Coffins with Handles $175
  • Pine Boxes without handles $100
  • Metal Vaults (2 available) $250
Salvage World Facebook Page
Salvage World Facebook Page

Course, this is a story by itself, but some of the Facebook comments are what takes this to a whole new level.  Even Salvage World is taking the time to add some of their own brand of humor on the deal.

Just Look At Some Of These Hysterical Facebook Comments

Kay wrote "Is it from a smoke free, pet free home?"

Terry's comment was hilarious, "Gently used. One owner."

Janice says, "I'm sure people are dying to get one."

Don added, "Low miles. Repos."

But I think my favorite was from Bryan, "I'm about to save a ton of money on funerals by switching to doing it myself"

Just take a look at all of them for yourself.  And if you're of the mindset that it's really a good chance to save big bucks, you better hurry, I'm sure these are flying off the shelf.

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