A little heads up for you. Apparently our city has not cornered the market on Karens. Evidently Karen has also established her place in the small East Texas community of Diboll, Texas.

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I know what you are thinking. What did she do this time? Truth be told, I don't know if Karen is a "she" or a "he" in this case. I just know that the Diboll Police Department reported on their Facebook page that on Monday night, August 15, they were called with an alert about some kids shooting a .22 rifle in the city.

Officers stated that when they arrived on scene, they discovered three boys, all ten years of age, that were shooting a rifle.

Okay Karen, Let's Set The Record Straight

No, it was not a .22 caliber high powered rifle. It was a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, just like the one Ralphie got in the movie "A Christmas Story."

What they also found was that the boys were shooting at cans on the ground, in a very safe manner.

Imagine that. Karen might have overreacted. I know, it's a shocker isn't it?

It's What Those Fine Officers Did Next That Make This So Awesome

That could have ended the Police Officers' visit right there, but it's what happened next that make this one of the "best news" stories you'll read all week.

These fine officers took time out of their shift to applaud these young men for their gun safety, but continued their visit by teaching the boys some safe BB gun handling techniques.

Officers, thank you! Job well done.

Oh and Karen, I'm pretty sure your services are no longer needed.

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