Little did Tim McDearmont's family know that when they first began to attend their new church they would be greeted by one of God's favorite angels, but that's exactly what happened.

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To say that Mallory Shirley has a life-long fan in Tim McDearmont would be an understatement.

His nomination letter speaks volumes of the kind of friend that Tim and his entire church family have been blessed with and that letter made it easy to name Mallory as this week's recipient of the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award.

Just read for yourself!

This is long overdue and I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Mallory Shirley is one of our angels on earth and our lives have been forever changed since we met her and her family at our church several years ago. Mallory is one of God’s children that works out of the spotlight and in the shadows of our lives. Mallory was one of the first people we met and welcomed us to the church. She made us feel loved, at home, and welcome. She was always the first one that made sure that when someone was sick, had surgery, had a baby, or any other unexpected circumstances that the family was taken care of, whether it was food, child care, or monetary donations. I’ll never forget when a family lost their husband and father unexpectedly, Mallory setup an entire day for a fundraising event. Between the shirts, live music, food, and raffle items, Mallory was able to raise thousand s of dollars for the widow and children that he left behind. Our daughter had to have a pretty major surgery recently and Mallory was the first person that reached out to see what we needed. The next thing we know she had a meal train set up for our family and offered to do anything we needed. I know Mallory will want to kill me for doing this, but she needs to be recognized for her kindness, thoughtfulness and selflessness. Most people like her never do it for the recognition and never do it expecting anything in return. But I want her to be recognized and know how much she is appreciated and how much she is loved. The number of families that she has helped and the lives she has touched is countless. During the current times we are living in, Mallory demonstrates that there are still good and Godly people in the world and gives us hope for our future. Please help me give Mallory the recognition she deserves and to let her know how much she is loved and appreciated.

Mallory Shirley, because you've been 'Caught in the Act' the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse have a $100 Gift Certificate for you and the family to come have dinner!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Mallory to let her know that she was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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