Summer is still several weeks away and yet Louisiana is already being warned of "dangerous heat" that will hit most of the South over Memorial Day Weekend.

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The first day of summer isn't until June 20, but if forecasters are correct, we will see temperatures in the low to mid 90's this weekend in Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas, but those along the Texas Gulf Coast won't fare nearly as well as their heat indexes will soar into the lower triple digits.

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Keeping that in mind, we should obviously remember to observe any possible warnings issued in regards to dangerous heat. The National Weather Service reminds us that heat can be a killer and that there are several things we should do to combat the effects of the heat.

  • Wear light-weight clothing
  • Limit strenuous outdoor activities
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid too much sun

But then, of course, we're here in Louisiana and for most of us, this kind of heat isn't our first rodeo.  So how do we handle it?  We laugh about it!

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