This morning during the 'Birthday Kiss' at 6:50am with Gary and Bristol, we celebrated Gary's 55th birthday! So what do you get the man who has everything? Like I do every year, I went to Tubbs Hardware and Cajun Gifts and enlisted Don Tubbs' help!

Ultimately, we settled on a gift basket complete with Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper sauces... They won't have any fun at the deer camp this fall with that! Don also threw in some beef sticks from our friends in east Texas at Bear Creek Smokehouse. Note to self, as soon as Gary opened his gifts, Julie, Gary's sweet wife, advised me that in future, if I were to give him any 'hot' items again, they should come with toilet bowl cleaner and extra toilet paper... 'Nuff said!

BTW, Gary shouldn't be too upset by turning 55. After all, it comes with lots of perks, like senior discounts! Check out this nifty guide to savings I found for seniors for dining out, travel and more! Of course, even though he's saving money, he still farts dust, so there's that... I love you brother!

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