It's not often that you can pull one over on Gary McCoy,  but we got him this morning!

As you can probably imagine, working at a radio station, hijinks are normally the order of the day. However, there's one person on our staff that is HARD to successfully prank. First of all, most of us are scared to prank him. A man that goes hunting and fishing as much as he does is bound to be carrying. Second, he's pretty astute, so it's hard to catch him unaware... as much as I hate to admit it!

We got him today though! Kristen Young, one of our fabulous sales professionals, has a habit of sending glitter bombs to unsuspecting victims. Someone decided to turn the tables and send one to her, however, she was on to their ruse... But we couldn't let a perfectly good glitter bomb go to waste, could we? She suggested bombing either Gary or Brandon Michael. I immediately threw my support behind pranking Gary, like any good work wife would!

Next we had to figure out how to get Gary to open the package. That's where my knowledge of McCoy came in handy! I told Kristen to pretend that she needed to borrow his pocket knife so she could get it open and she played her role to perfection. Even though he didn't have his knife on him, he couldn't help trying to open the package for her.

Now that you know the lead up, here's the plan in execution. Thank goodness Gary was such a good sport. Enjoy!

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